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Around the world, designers, architects, artists, OEM and more have embraced real-time ray tracing and AI acceleration as the new industry standard in product design and content creation. NVIDIA RTX Server and NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs accelerate production, improve design, real-time rendering, immersive modeling and virtualization.

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Hollywood studios steal the scene with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated de-aging and digital human techniques.

AI-enhanced storytelling are VFX studios Industrial Light & Magic and Digital Domain, which use NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs to accelerate production.

“AI and machine learning are becoming a part of everything we do in VFX,” said Pablo Helman, VFX supervisor on The Irishman at ILM. “Paired with the NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs powering our production pipeline, these technologies have us excited for what the next decade will bring.”

Companies such as Adobe, Autodesk and Blackmagic Design have developed RTX-accelerated apps to tackle other visual effects challenges with AI, including live-action scene depth reclamation, color adjustment, relighting and retouching, speed warp motion estimation for retiming and upscaling.

Offscreen, streaming services such as Netflix use AI-powered recommendation engines to provide customers with personalized content based on their viewing history, or a similarity index that serves up content watched by people with similar viewing habits.

Extract from NVIDIA – by Rick Champagne


Visionary Architecture Firm Deploys NVIDIA RTX to Enhance Design from All Angles

RTX-powered real-time rendering and immersive modeling. Zaha Hadid Architects and Unreal Engine collaborate in architecture design using RTX-powered real-time rendering and immersive modeling.

One of the world’s leading architecture firms is taking its path-breaking designs to the next level with ray tracing, using NVIDIA RTX technology. With NVIDIA Quadro RTX, ZHVR Group is able to use real-time ray tracing and rendering to create the complexities of the building.

For the firm’s current projects, images and designs are rendered using Unreal Engine, and with NVIDIA Quadro RTX, the designers view the rendered models in real time. They explore the designs in a VR environment, make any necessary changes, and then finish rendering the design with RTX.

by Nicole Castro


How NVIDIA RTX Is Taking Building Designs to New Heights

Creative studio Neoscape uses Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs to get the powerful performance, flexibility and mobility needed to render photorealistic images.

By building interactive experiences for its clients, Neoscape, a Boston-based creative studio, is changing the landscape of architectural visualization with NVIDIA Quadro RTX.

With the latest advancements like ray tracing, enhanced VR head-mounted displays and real-time graphics engines, studios are under increasing pressure to provide high-quality designs and boost production workflows to meet their clients’ expectations.

The RTX 5000 enables advanced rendering and shading techniques like reflection, global illumination and occlusion — from the lighting and reflections to the materials and furniture.

Extract from NVIDIA – by Nicole Castro