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PNY collaborates with ADLINK, a global leader in edge computing, to complete PNY’s AI portfolio and help customers be a step closer to data with solutions at the edge.

Mérignac, France, june 18th, 2020 – PNY Technologies, the leading European solutions provider for the AI market, has announced its partnership with ADLINK Technology, a global leader in edge computing and a technology-leading platform provider in the embedded computing industry. PNY’s existing AI portfolio consists of various GPUs and servers; and this partnership will complete PNY’s AI portfolio. The partnership will enable customers to automate and innovate by being closer to data with solutions at the edge.


ADLINK’s Edge AI platforms integrate hardware acceleration in deep learning workloads. It provides end-to-end connectivity to generate actionable intelligence required to achieve operational improvements, boost performance and improve efficiency. PNY will aid ADLINK by providing the next step for their AI implementation: a solution for inferencing.


Roy Wan, GM EMEA, ADLINK Technology says; “Our exciting new partnership with PNY Technologies will expand our reach to wider commercial, embedded and OEM markets. The key focus will be on ADLINK Edge AI solutions such as MXM GPU Modules, AI-enabled platforms based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules and Edge servers. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”


“This is just one example of the large-scale impact AI can have on improving operations and efficiency. As various industries become increasingly dependent on AI solutions, we want to have the best technology in place to help our customers use their data in the most innovative way,” said Jérôme Belan, CEO at PNY. “Our existing areas of expertise within the AI sector included data centres and deep learning, and this partnership has allowed us to expand our portfolio to include Edge and IOT solutions. This means our customers now have access to a complete AI workflow, better preparing them to future proof their businesses and boost profitability.”


Medical Applications

Modern medical practices utilise robotics and automation  for standard tasks such as hospital disinfection, delivery of medical resources, and care of patients under quarantine. However, productivity is hindered if they operate as standalone systems.


This is where ADLINK’s Edge AI platform can be applied. Communication technologies compatible with Data Distribution Service (DDS) can share automated data in real-time and carry out collaborative edge-computing to decide the best robotic system for a task. This allows the technology to repeatedly re-calculate the subsequent schedule and boost the overall efficiency of collaboration. The use of distributed edge-computing boosts the quality and stability of the data interface with the medical system to realise a smart data-sharing model for smart medicine.


Building a smarter aeronautical industry

The technology can also help build the infrastructure required for smart cities, in particular, smarter airports. In this sector adverse weather conditions such as dense fog or rain often hampers visibility and results in delays and cancellations. This technology provides real-time intuitive monitoring of the airport and improved visibility at night and during adverse weather.


A major airport in China with annual traffic of 50 million-passengers is tackling the visibility challenge by developing an enhanced video surveillance system (EVS), to cover any blind spots from the control tower, giving them a panoramic view of the airfield.


At the heart of its intelligent EVS system, the airport is deploying ADLINK’s AVA-5500 AI-enabled Video Analytics (AVA) platform to analyse every blind spot. Each AVA-5500 connects securely to a group of video input streams, implements advanced graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) processing, and uploads the results to backend servers.


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