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Posted by PNY Pro on May 15, 2020

Extraordinary events have fundamentally altered almost every aspect of our daily lives.  Maintaining essential business operations with an – in most instances – work from home workforce is driving the implementation of strategies and practices that were, only a couple of months ago, inconceivable. Technology plays an essential role in this transformation and partnerships between companies like NVIDIA and PNY Technologies are providing the products and services necessary to drive this transition.

Architects, creative professionals, designers, engineers, and scientists require access to workstation class performance to effectively perform their roles, on whatever hardware happens to be available.  Workstations at the office lie fallow, while home computers are rapidly becoming “Professional PCs”.  NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics boards, high-capacity, reliable, and speedy SSDs (Solid State Drives), and memory upgrades are transforming the hardware at hand into the systems necessary to keep businesses, institutions, even significant portions of government, up and running.  IT is also facing new challenges since vital computing infrastructure essentially became decentralized in a matter of days.

We’ve discussed system upgrades, but other solutions like NVIDIA RTX Server deliver cinematic (photorealistic) quality rendering directly from BIM or CAD files, support powerful virtual workstations, handle data science and big data analytics tasks, and are ideal for CAE and simulation – and can be accessed remotely by workstation or Professional PC clients – while residing in the data center for ease of IT administration and the security of vital business IP (Intellectual Property).

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software (Quadro vDWS), running on NVIDIA RTX Servers built by select PNY Technologies ecosystem partners, supports workflows and solutions ranging from stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization. Quadro vDWS delivers the most powerful virtual workstation from the data center or cloud to any device, anywhere.  Millions of creative and technical professionals can access the most demanding applications from any entry-level PC, notebooks, tablets, even smartphones, work from anywhere, tackle larger datasets, all while meeting the need for greater security, scalability, and ease of administration.

Yes, the world is changing, and every aspect of business is adapting to new realities.  NVIDIA, PNY Technologies, and our ecosystem of partners provide the tools necessary to allow companies or other organizations to conduct their business with minimal interruption.

Get in touch with us to see how NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards can provide the performance you need to complete your workflow while sheltering in place.