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PNY Live Webinar on working remotely with NVIDIA at Audotesk University.

Accelerated Remote Work Experience: The world is shifting to remote work. But workers still need the performance they had relied on in the office, lab, and classroom to keep up with complex workloads like interactive graphics, data analytics, machine learning, and AI. NVIDIA GPU-powered laptops, workstations, and servers deliver that performance—from home or wherever you need to work.

As IT seeks to fully realize the power of virtualization with a software-defined approach to data center infrastructure, end-user computing has remained a stumbling block. Organizations with remote workforces need great user experience as well as greater scalability, data security, and simplified manageability.

Addressing the challenges of virtualization is more important than ever, as an increasing amount of our workforce moves to flexible, remote workspace.

Join the PNY RWWN webinar to understand how you can achieve the best remote work experience with NVIDIA GPU and virtualization software.

Date : November 18th, 2020 | Time : 03:00 PM CET