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Mérignac, France, March 30th, 2021 – Two years ago, the NVIDIA® RTX™ platform revolutionized professional visual computing forever. Based on the NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and armed with real-time ray tracing, accelerated AI, and photorealistic VR, it enabled designers and engineers to do their life’s work at a level of quality and performance unlike ever before. But the pace of innovation and the drive to achieve new breakthroughs do not cease. And now, global circumstances have presented a new set of challenges for professionals to create, build, entertain and discover in a world that looks dramatically different than the recent past. Consequently, PNY helps professionals meet technological challenges by providing them with the new NVIDIA® RTX™ A6000.


The NVIDIA® RTX™ A6000 delivers everything professionals need to meet today’s design, creative, and scientific challenges from their desktop. Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the RTX A6000 combines the latest-generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® cores with 48 GB of graphics memory for unprecedented graphics, rendering, and AI performance. It has third-Generation Tensor Cores, providing up to 5x the throughput of the previous generation, up to 10X with sparsity, with support for new TF32 and BF16 data formats.


The NVIDIA RTX A6000 includes 84 RT Cores to accelerate photorealistic ray-traced rendering up to 80% faster than the previous generation. Hardware accelerated Motion BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) improves motion blur rendering performance by up to 7X when compared to previous generation. With 336 Tensor Cores to accelerate AI workflows, the RTX A6000 provides the power necessary for AI development and training workloads. Incredible inferencing performance, combined with enterprise-class stability and reliability, make RTX A6000-powered desktop workstations ideal for professional AI training and inferencing deployments.


Scale application performance even more with NVIDIA NVLink technology that lets you combine two RTX A6000 cards to double the effective GPU memory and performance in a single workstation chassis to 96 GB.


The new NVIDIA® RTX A6000 supports several demanding environments


With the availability of the NVIDIA RTX A6000 desktop GPU, based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, PNY is putting a whole new level of performance and capabilities in the hands of professionals again. Thus, they are not only ready to tackle the urgent needs of today, but are well equipped to meet the rapidly evolving, and intensive demands of tomorrow especially in the following demanding environments:

·         Engineering – Autodesk, Solidworks, Rhino, Ansys, Siemens NX etc.

·         Media & Entertainment – Adobe, BlackMagic Design etc.

·         High Compute & Deep Learning – cuDNNN, cuBLAS, TensorRT etc.

·         Artificial Intelligence – Caffee2, MXNet, CNTK, Tensorflow etc.


PNY supports professionals with state-of-the-art technology and more

With more than 20 years of expertise in selling NVIDIA solutions across multiple channels (Broadlines, WSI, NPN, VAR), PNY has the knowledge to meet all professional needs. Working with PNY is not only about accessing cutting-edge technology, but also about benefiting from quality customer service and marketing tools, allowing you to take full advantage of the brand’s know-how and expertise to be ever more successful. The brand’s approach to quality and excellence includes sales support services, after-sales tools and technical support for all workstations, from the simplest to the most complex installations.

Thanks to PNY, professionals can determine the solution best suited to their needs and requirements, in complete autonomy, thanks to the online comparator. But they can also benefit from personalized support to help them define precise specifications in order to find the right solutions. In addition, a service provided by dedicated field engineers with real business expertise is also available to them in order to respond to very specific problems.

In addition, the PNY Partner Hub is a veritable resource center, providing a wealth of information for professionals. Thanks to this tool, on which thematic training courses, technical documents, etc. are accessible, the brand enables them to constantly improve their knowledge of the products and thus increase their skills. PNY also knows how to motivate and develop the loyalty of its dealer network through the Business Privilege Partner program, which gives access to a large number of rewards (gifts, purchase vouchers, merchandising solutions, etc.). Lastly, PNY offers a 5-year warranty extension on its products.


Main Features

·         Process Size: 8nm

·         Transitions: 28.3 billion

·         Die Size: 628.4mm2

·         CUDA parallel Processing cores: 10,752

·         NVIDIA Tensor Cores: 336

·         NVIDIA RT Cores: 84

·         GPU Memory/ 48GB GDDR6 with ECC

·         Memory Interface: 384-bit

·         Memory Bandwidth: 768GB/s

·         Max Power Consumption: 300W

·         Graphics Bus: PCI Express 4.0 x16

·         Display Connectors: DP 1.4 (4) (not active when using vGPU software

·         Form Factor: 11,176 H x 26,67 L mm Dual Slot

·         Product Weight: 1.179 kg

·         Thermal solution: Active

·         NVLink Interconnect 112.5 GB/s (bidirectional)

·         Power Connector 1 x 8-pin CPU

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For over 35 years and thanks to strong partnerships with technology innovation companies as NVIDIA, PNY represents a real success story of a company leading the EMEA Graphics, HPC and AI computing market.

Providing engineers, researchers and visualization clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA QUADRO, NVIDIA TESLA and NVIDIA DGX solutions, PNY understands the needs of its clients, offering professional technical support and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction. PNY proposes a full spectrum of GPUs and SSDs but also complete Servers for compute, storage and network certified for all VDI, HPC and AI environments. Headquartered in New Jersey (USA), Bordeaux (FR) and Dubai (UAE), PNY maintains facilities in North America, EMEA, India and Asia.