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Watch in Replay the PNY Live Virtual Summit

Discover our Virtual Talk “AI Transforming our cities” sponsored by Advanced Integration to know how this technology can widely contribute to Smart cities policies. Presented by PNY Technologies Europe in collaboration with the University of Qatar (HBKU), NVIDIA, Ultinous and the Ministry of Transport & Communications of Qatar !


Key Take Away:

  • The most recent Research and business AI projects related to Smart Cities in Qatar and beyond.
  • Best practices to implement an AI infrastructure related to Smart Cities deployment.
  • Real use cases to empower the life of citizens and workflows in the city using artificial intelligence.
  • A wide range of solution from PNY Technologies Europe, NVIDIA and Ultinous allowing the coverage of real use cases for a smart city.


Dr. Aiman Erdab – Associate Professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa (HBKU)

During his talk Dr. Aiman is introducing his current research works in the field of EDGE AI, he will be also covering Qatari academia project related to machine learning and EDGE AI and he will be moderating our panel of discussion during the Virtual Summit.

Mohammed Ali Hamami – AI Edge & Iot Program Manager

M. Hammami will introduce PNY protofolio regarding EDGE AI solutions from Edge devices to software application offered by partners all over EMEA region.

Sarah Khalid Al-Hussaini – Project Coordinator at Ministry of Transport and Communications (Qatar)

Sarah is currently working with the TASMU team leading the Logistics sector and part of the Central Platform initiative contributing to achieve Qatar’s Digital Transformation agenda.

Gyorgy Balogh, CEO @Ultinous

M. Gyrogry is presenting the challenges that face Edge AI application and how his company managed to overcome those obstacles.

Pascal Chevereau – EDGE AI segment sales EMEA @NVIDIA

The main topic of Pascal’s keynote is NVIDIA innovative platform for deployment of artificial intelligence at the EDGE EGX.

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