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Discover the capabilities of DPUs

Data processing is one of the core infrastructures of today’s computing. Unlike in the past, when servers connected to computers to transfer information, powerful data centers now support the transition of data. DPUs (data processing units) are behind the large volumes of information needed to support technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. This unit ensures the right data reaches the correct destination fast.

The DPU partners with the CPU (central processing unit) and the GPU (graphics processing unit) to deliver a seamless and efficient networking solution.

High-performance computing requires more security and storage and a DPU unlocks the potential for heightened enterprise and cloud service capability.

Traditionally, the CPU processed the majority of computing requests by enabling a device to carry out its tasks. With the advent of the data processing unit, the CPU can delegate some of its networking responsibility to the DPU. This data migration allows more flexibility and enhanced performance while delivering seamless and secure task optimisation.

AI, deep learning and big data require in-depth and fast data processing and can benefit from the installation of a network DPU to streamline the approach. The DPU performs the tasks the CPU designates it, therefore accelerating data processing. It functions as a stand-alone processor and manages its own memory and storage, allowing the CPU to focus on other tasks.

The data center infrastructure needs to offer a rapid response time to facilitate processes such as real-time projects that require immediate decision-making. As a data processor, a DPU offers a receptive networking solution that elevates enterprise performance.

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Powered by NVIDIA architecture, the BlueField data processing unit is part of the range of networking solutions PNY offers to transform the role of the data center. Find out more about PNY networking solutions and how a Bluefield DPU could transform your networking infrastructure.

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