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When you’re on the go, and especially when you’re going on holidays, whether it’s just for a few days or on a bigger trip; it gets really hard to keep up with memory on your phone. If you’re into taking pictures, you probably use your phone more and more to do so. And as today’s smartphones allow better quality for pictures, we tend to take more pictures. And more pictures means more space on your device…

If you’re an Android user, you can already get more storage thanks to microSD cards of course. But when it comes to transferring your files more easily and faster, it is another thing. That’s why PNY has the solution: the DUO LINK! For example, you are able not only to store your pictures directly on the OTG, but it makes it easier to transfer those new memories on your computer, with the two connectors.
There’s one connector for your Android phone (microUSB or Type C, depending on your device) and the other one, Type-A 3.1, to connect it on your computer or tablet. Those 2 connectors in 1 single Flash-drive OTG!

We mentioned pictures, but there’s so much more you can store! You can put some videos, movies, tv shows on the OTG, so you can watch them when you’re on the go. You’re not forced to add those large files to your smartphone, youcan simply add them to your OTG, plug it in your smartphone, and watch.
Same thing goes for music you’d like to carry with you, or other files…

You have the choice between different capacities according to your need, as both OTG are available in: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.
And if you’re wondering about transfer speeds, the answer is: up to 130 MB/s!

Ready for plenty of new memories ?

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