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Capture professional-quality shots with PNY UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards.

When that magic moment happens, make sure you’re able to capture it and use it the way you want to. Expert photographers, videographers, and content creators need fast, reliable, and powerful flash memory cards to help them get the most out of their cameras and computers. PNY Technologies Europe provides professionals with advanced solutions that allow them to store and transfer large amounts of high-resolution videos and photos.

Shoot Like a Pro with the PNY UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards

With the PNY range of UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards, you can supercharge your work processes. The EliteX-PRO60 and EliteX-PRO90 offer you incredible performance to capture and move high-quality content in 4K, 8K or Ultra HD seamlessly between your camera and your computer.

Whether you are shooting a sporting event or a wedding, recording a live stream or taking footage of a special event, the PNY UHS-II cards won’t let you down. The EliteX-PRO60 and EliteX-PRO90 will give you the power to shoot with confidence and maximise the capabilities of your equipment.

Both the EliteX-PRO60 and EliteX-PRO90 SD Flash Memory Cards can be used on the latest high-end UHS-II-enabled DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and professional-grade video cameras. To give you more flexibility, the PNY UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards are also compatible with UHS-I devices.

Why Choose the PNY UHS-II Range?

On a professional photo or video shoot, time and timing are critical. You need to be able to get quality shots and clear footage in an instant and then transfer the data for post-processing quickly and safely. If you don’t have the right gear, you won’t be able to compete and deliver like a pro.

With the EliteX-PRO60 and EliteX-PRO90 SD Flash Memory Cards, you can shoot in sustained burst mode or film long video sequences at 4K, 8K, or Ultra HD resolution. Super-fast speeds of up to 300MB/s¹ sequential read and up to 280MB/s¹ sequential write mean you can use transfer footage fast and use the latest photo and video editing software.

Get the optimum resolution for your post-production needs. The UHS-II bus interface on the EliteX-PRO90 offers V90 Video Speed, so you can record long lengths of footage in 8K resolution. The EliteX-PRO60 delivers V60 Video Speed which is ideal for 4K Ultra HD Video.

The EliteX-PRO60 and EliteX-PRO90 Specs at a Glance


EliteX-PRO60 EliteX-PRO90
Capacities 128 GB – 512 GB 64 GB – 256 GB
Form Factor SDXC SDXC
Rating Class 10 UHS-II U3 Class 10 UHS-II U3
Video Speed V60 V90
Read Speed (up to) 280 MB/s 300 MB/s
Write Speed (up to) 180 MB/s 280 MB/s
Supported Format Full HD photography / 8K, 4K, and Ultra HD video
Media DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, advanced and professional video camera²


¹ EliteX-PRO60: transfer speeds of up to 280MB/s read and up to 180MB/s write

EliteX-PRO90: transfer speeds of up to 300MB/s read and up to 280MB/s write

² Compatible with UHS-II host devices enabled with a SDXC slot. Backward compatible with UHS-I host devices at UHS-I speeds.