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Discover our different storage solutions for your various devices, according to your needs. Whether you need more space on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera or action camera, PNY has the solution!

Smartphones require more and more space so you can update the latest applications, and store more pictures and video in better quality. Our range of microSD cards allow you to get peace of mind when you’re out and want to use your phone to save your memories. MicroSD cards can also be used in your actions cameras or drones. The Turbo Performance and Elite Performance microSD cards are ideal for you if you enjoy taking 4k videos and HQ pictures; for your daily life or on holidays. They’re available in different capacities, once again, according to your needs.

If you’re more into DSLR pictures and videos, our SD cards are the perfect fit. Carry as many cards with you, so you don’t miss a thing! Our cards have speed and transfers reads up to 100 MB and are available in different capacities, up to 256GB.

When it comes to transfer your files, pictures, videos and music to your computer, you can use USB Flash drives of course. At PNY, we have various ranges of flash drives, of different aspect and colors so you can have the choice! Our latest Hook 3.0 can be easily hooked with your keys so you can always have your files with you!
Furthermore, the OTG DUO LINK for Apple allows you not only to carry your files with you, but also to charge your phone thanks to its cable design. Store your files, pictures, videos and music; and connect it directly to your Apple device! The dedicated application on your smartphone will show you how to manage your files; and you can of course transfer them to your phone and computer.

There’s also an OTG DUO LINK for your Android devices. Available with microUSB and Type C connectors, once again, store your files according to your needs. Look at your pictures and watch your videos directly from the flash-drive on your smartphone, or transfer your media from your computer and vice versa.

Last but not least, with our brand new Elite-X Portable SSD, store your heavy media with you wherever you go. It’s small, thin and absolutely convenient if you’re on the go and you’d like to back up or transfer your large files.


There’s always a solution for everything. And a solution for every device.